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New Virtual Assistant Clients

How to get new clients for your Virtual Assistant business

Picture this scenario if you'll. You’re an online Assistant, looking for the best additional client to expand your va practice. On the other side of the country your small business marketing entrepreneur is seeking a fresh personal assistant online to provide additional support for his growing rapidly business.

Get new clients for your Virtual business

My question is…how does this new potential client know you’re available and ready to work with him TODAY? Wouldn’t or not it's wonderful if he already knew your virtual assistant services were available BEFORE he soon started to seek out his new virtual assistant?

So what can you are doing to make sure your potential clients know about you? What can you caused by make sure your potential clients come into your possession first before they consider dealing with other people? It’s a hell of your lot much easier to ask them to come your way, rather than you desperate for new clients and struggling to pay for your bills. Master the 3 tips below and you’ll soon be in a position to “pick and choose” the clients you're employed with…

Tip 1: Make sure your existing clients know your available to accepting new clients

This is really easy. All that you should say is “hey Gail, I’ve got a gap within my business to work with one additional business owner, have you any idea anyone in your network who does take advantage of my services?”

Should you curently have a standing of providing exceptional service and adding value for your clients’ business you will most definitely have a new client knocking in your door very shortly.

Tip 2: Reward your new va client with a thank you


When your client passes on the new referral, make sure to send them a special many thanks. Here is one thing i have discovered to be effective Effectively. Do up a brief demo video that they can used in their business marketing. Perhaps something they could post online. Make sure to tag becoming work. This gives the two of you advantages…

i) The consumer will like the brand new video you’ve done for them and ii) when it is posted on their site, others might find your brilliant work.

What other ideas can you come up with?

Tip 3: Develop a va profile in the marketplace that's VERY visible

They are some essentials you’ll need:

 A professional website with a way the consumer can connect to you easily. Take a look site out for instance:

 Social Media presence…Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

 Outstanding Reputation for quality work and service.

 Attend the online and live functions that the target markets are attending. Many virtual assistants attend functions and network with other virtual assistants. That’s great, but you should always be networking together with your potential new business.

Get new clients for your Virtual business

So it’s time for you to get busy. Pick up that phone, send that email and allow your influential clients to deliver you new customers. Do it TODAY…